Did you return home recently only to notice a significant increase in ant activity in and around the streets where you live? If so, you were party to an annual phenomenon known almost universally as ‘flying ant day’.

It is a strange quirk that most people have now grown to accept the fact that during one day each summer, ants will inevitably turn up in their thousands and then quickly disappear again just as quickly.

Please check out the following video for an in-depth look into what actually happens.

Whilst some people are happy to sit back and watch this temporary invasion take place, some people are not so lucky, such as the ones outlined in the article below:

‘Horrifying’ invasion of 10,000 flying ants force family to flee home

For more on this story, please check out the following article – http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/horrifying-invasion-10000-flying-ants-6222499

What Actually Is ‘Flying Ant Day’?

‘Flying Ant Day’ is the layman’s term for the time in which the queen ants from various ant colonies emerge from their nest to begin their nuptial flight and look for male ants to mate with and begin new colonies.

The queen ant (usually the biggest winged ant you can find) will leave the nest with a number of male ants and begin their flight to try and find a suitable partner.

The queen and the male ants from the colony will then disperse to ensure that there is no cross breeding and, then, when far enough away from her worker ants the queen will release pheromones that are designed to attract frisky males.

For more on this description, please visit the Telegraph website for their dedicated article.

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