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Wasp Control Middlesex

Wasp Control Middlesex

As the summer reaches its peak, the Wasp Control Middlesexprospect of having our lives or businesses disrupted by the presence of wasps is at its very highest. Effective wasp control is therefore extremely important because leaving wasp nests uncontrolled around your property or garden can ensure that the affected area becomes a virtual no go area for you.

Wasps are not only a pest but can also cause certain diseases because of their stings. If nothing is done about them when they make the presence known, they could easily invade a house and cause damage to the property along with the obvious prospect of stinging anyone they come into contact with.

Where Can Wasps Build Nests & How Are They Built?

A wasp nest can contain literally thousands of wasps living in there at any one time, so in no circumstances should you disturb it. Social wasps have a trait of building nests inside the roof spaces of homes, offices and other property but basically wasp nests can be found almost anywhere. They are made from a combination of chewed wood, plant debris and saliva which is the moulded into ‘wasp paper’. The first step in the construction of a wasp nest is a canopy being fixed to the nest location and then a central pedical from which the nest is suspended.

Once this has been completed the queen will then build a layer of hexagonal downward facing cell radially from the central pedical. Layers of ‘wasp paper’ then covers the nest providing protection from the elements and conserving heat. Because wasps will never re-use a nest, a new nest will be built every year.

Removal of Wasp Nests

If you find or suspect that you have a wasp nest close to your home or premises, IPM Pest Control can help you though. Our wasp removal experts offer a fast callout and will be able to located and treat the wasp nest (or nests) thus removing all wasps in double quick time.

There are a number of successful methods available to effectively control wasps but all involve the use of taking precautions such as high quality equipment and safety measures. The sooner this can be put into effect the better because in large number, wasps can be very dangerous.

Effective wasp control is a very specialised treatment, which requires chemicals and protective clothing and should only ever be left to the professionals. We cannot state strongly enough that it is very important that you DO NOT tackle a wasp nest yourself – in very extreme cases, disturbing a wasps nest can cause fatal injuries.

Effective & Lasting Results

Once our team of wasp control experts have successfully removed the wasp nest, the wasps will not return to the area. However, in future years the possibility still stands that they may build another nest nearby. Following the treatment, our professional pest control technicians will supply you with detailed advice on measures that you can take to avoid wasp nest reappearing in future years.

Simply give us a call at IPM Pest Control on 0800 970 7746 and leave the rest to us!

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