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Wasp Control London

The dangers of uncontrolled wasp nests were illustrated in the most horrendous way possible  earlier this week with the tragic events that took place in Essex.


This terrible story emphasizes the fact that wasps are not only a pest but also have the potential to be very dangerous if they become aggravated. If a nest is disturbed the prospect of stinging anyone they come into contact with in the local vicinity increases significantly.

The effective control of wasps is a very specialised treatment and will require the use of chemicals and protective clothing. For this reason it should only ever be left to the professionals and we cannot state in strong enough terms that nobody should tackle a wasp nest yourself – in very extreme cases, disturbing a wasps nest can cause fatal injuries.

Where Are Wasps Nests Found?

Wasps are social insects which form large colonies, or nests, which are extremely organised and socially structured. They are a widespread pest during the summer months and because of their aggressive nature and potent sting cause fear and concern in many people.

Wasp nests can be found almost anywhere and will contain a huge number of wasps that can run to as many as 30,000 wasps in a single nest. Because of the sheer volume of wasps living in a nest, it should not be disturbed under any circumstances and should be left to an expert to implement removal techniques.

Removal of Wasp Nests

The premier standard of wasp control London has to offer from IPM Pest Control will be conducted by our highly skilled team of pest control technicians who will swiftly and effectively remove the offending nest from the effected area.

There are a number of successful methods available to effectively control wasps but all involve the use of taking precautions such as high quality equipment and safety measures. The sooner this can be put into effect the better because in large number, wasps can be very dangerous.

Detailed Advice Provided

Whilst the skilled team of technicians at IPM Pest Control who provide the premier standard of wasp control London has to offer will successfully remove the offending wasp nest, the possibility still exists that they may return at some point in the future and build another nest nearby. Because of this all of our clients are provided with detailed advice on what measures should be taken to ensure that wasp nests do not appear in the future.

Simply give us a call at IPM Pest Control on 0800 970 7746 and leave the rest to us!




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