When bed bugs bite, don’t sleep tight, the time for action is NOW! These tiny insects are making a comeback throughout many areas of the UK and whilst they are not a life threatening infection, their ever growing presence is destined to create problems for people in the near future.

Increased Travel

An increase in international travel, plus a ban on particular pesticides, has enabled bed bugs to make a most unwelcome comeback.Bed-Bug

Bed bug complaints are in part the result of the sophisticated pesticides on the market today, which rather than eradicate the infestation will only offer a short term solution.

Proven Solution

Whilst many pest control providers offer a range of different methods of trying to combat the threat posed by bed bugs, heat is the only method shown and proven to kill all life cycles in one application. This can be absolutely crucial if you run a business such as a hotel or B & B which has been exposed and need to have your room back in service right away.

What is important is that if you suspect you’ve caught a case of bed bugs, then take action immediately. Wash your sheets and clothes in hot water, pick up that vacuum and get to cleaning, but do not try to fulfil the role of professional exterminator.

What To Look Out For

Bed Bugs usually harbour in close proximity to their sleeping hosts. They avoid light and hide in crevices on furniture, bed frames, behind skirting boards, plug sockets, behind hanging pictures, within the seams of mattresses and within the joins of a headboard. Evidence of an infestation is usually given by faecal debris around areas of harbourage, which resemble small tiny spotted residues, or a bite which gives rise to a hard whitish swelling that distinguishes it from a flea bite which leaves a dark red spot surrounded by a reddened area. It is without question one of the most unpleasant household pests to infest dwellings.

Always Remember

Cleanliness has nothing to do with your chances of having an infestation; Everyone’s at risk if precautions aren’t taken. Bed bugs have been found in very, very nice houses.

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Great Value Bed Bug Removal

We offer bed bug eradication for a fixed price of £300 (inc.VAT) in all of the following areas, this price includes two visits from IPM Pest Control