It’s that time of year again and unfortunately our old enemy the wasp are beginning to make their presence felt again. Despite the fact that last year saw a drop in numbers due to the very poor weather, this year’s summer resurgence has seen the numbers rise significantly again and the premier standard of wasp nest removal in the South East is being called into action again.

Dealing With Wasps Nests

Most of the early season wasp calls that we receive early calls for are related to smaller nests. This is the beginning of the colony by the queen whoHow Big Was This Wasp Nest??? would have spent the previous winter tucked up somewhere warm and safe in a shed or loft. The nest will then be built upon as the summer goes on, as the wasps hatch from within the nest they take over the nest building role.

Wasp Nest Construction

The queen then builds a layer of hexagonal downward facing cell radially from the central pedical. Layers of ‘wasp paper’ then covers th nest providing protection from the elements and conserving heat. Wasps will never re-use a nest thus, a new nest will be constructed each year.

Wasp nests can be constructed just about anywhere and are made from a combination of chewed wood, plant debris and saliva which is the moulded into ‘wasp paper’. First a canopy is fixed to the nest location and then a central pedical from which the nest is suspended.

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