The Top 5 Problems Caused By Pigeons

//The Top 5 Problems Caused By Pigeons

The Top 5 Problems Caused By Pigeons

A recent story in the Bolton News highlighted the fact that A TONNE of food had to be destroyed — because it was being packaged in a warehouse that had become Pest Proofinginfested with pigeons.

Bolton Council applied for a food condemnation order at Bolton Magistrates Court after environmental health officials found the food and packaging belonging to Barkat Food Store Bolton Ltd covered with pigeon droppings, which they said caused “substantial contamination of food”.

“The premises were supposed to be used for storage, but inspectors found Asian dried foodstuffs, such as rice, popcorn, nuts and spices, being packaged there, with droppings on the food and plastic wrappings and no hand washing facilities available.”

“The tonne of food was seized and yesterday (TUE), at Bolton Magistrates Court, the judge ordered it be dyed and disposed of in bins.”

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Top 5 Pigeon Problems

Problems such as the one highlighted above can prove to be negative in a variety of different ways for business. Not only do they cause damage which is costly to repair, the presence of pigeons poses a number of risks which ensure the problem should be faced immediately.

Below we have identified the top 5 problems which can be caused by pigeons and other varieties of pest birds. These include:

  • Creating a Health Hazard – Pigeons are known to spread diseases including Ornithosis, E.Coli and Salmonella
  • Damaged Buildings – Pest birds of all varieties will deface buildings and vehicles with their droppings and frequent fouling of the surrounding areas, which will then become slippery and dangerous
  • Creation of Secondary Infections – Nesting and roosting sites which are left alone will encourage secondary insect infestation such as bird mites and fleas
  • Threat to Safety – During their breeding season, it is not uncommon for pigeons to attack people when protecting nesting sites and their young
  • Associated Dangers – Pigeons even represent a danger to any aircraft taking off or landing nearby by the sheer presence

These problems are then known to lead to:

  • Increased Pollution Levels – Due to droppings (guano) and noise from cries
  • Enhanced Costs — Because of the increased need for building maintenance and cleaning, loss of damaged goods
  • Diminished Reputation — Lowering of employee morale and deterioration in customer relations

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