The Top 10 UK Household Pests

//The Top 10 UK Household Pests

The Top 10 UK Household Pests

With the climate changing and trends beginning to alter, we thought that now would be a good time to provide a run down of the top 10 household pests to let you know IPM Pest Controlwhat you need to keep your eyes out for over the coming months.

Don’t worry though, if any of the following pests make their presence felt, IPM Pest Control offer a range of services designed to provide long lasting relief from the ill effects caused by these problem pests.

We’re fairly sure that you can probably guess most of the following 10 but just in case, these common critters represent out most common call-outs throughout the year.

The Top 10!!

  • Flies: These pests are widely acknowledged to carry and spread a wide variety of diseases through their ability to walk all over any type of surface.
  • Ants: A traditional summer pest problem, ant nests are often located in garden lawns and under paving. They regularly invade properties in search of food. 
  • Wasps: Another traditional summer problem, the presence of wasps can pose a real issue if left unattended. Wasp stings can be very dangerous and because large wasp nests are known to contain as many as 25,000 wasps, the potential danger should never be underestimated.
  • Mice: A tendency to nest in warm tight spaces within a property, mice take great pleasure in gnawing on everyday household objects and food. They are also spreaders of disease.
  • Rats: A preference for living outdoors, of all the rat breeds within the UK, the Brown Rat is by far the most common. Infestations can lead to costly damage and the spread of disease. 
  • Spiders: Generally harmless, spiders are still one of the most feared pests in the UK and infestations need to be removed on occasion.
  • Moths: Clothes Moths are one of the most unpopular pests in the UK due to their destructive tendencies. They are known to lay sticky eggs on natural clothing and when the white caterpillar larvae hatch they can cause extensive damage to clothes, carpets and upholstery.
  • Woodlice: Again harmless, they can make people uncomfortable when finding their way inside a house.
  • Bedbugs: A liking for cracks, crevices and under carpets, bed bugs feed on human blood and can be very difficult for untrained people to eradicate. 
  • Cockroaches: A pest that has stood the test of time throughout the ages, these pests love to live in warm houses, kitchens and wall cavities and will come out after dark in search of food. May possibly carry diseases. 

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