Let’s face it, it is very distressing when you realize that you have an infestation in your home. This can be even worse if you are not aware on how to deal with the tricky problem.

In the UK, there are many different parasites and insects that can infest your home. However, no matter the type, being able to recognize the problem is the first thing to do if your wish to control the pests successfully and this is where the team at IPM Pest Control excel.

Pest Problem No. 1 – Cockroaches

These are one of the most common household pests. In fact, almost every home-owner has come across a cockroach in their house. Cockroaches often live of human 5 Common UK Pestsand pet food and usually have an unpleasant odour. They like to live in warm houses, kitchens as well as wall cavities. They also carry microbes on the surfaces of their bodies which may cause diseases. These pests can also be linked to allergic reactions to people and some are even associated with asthma.

Pest Problem No. 2 – Fleas

Fleas are often found in households that have pets. Ideally, most flea species like to live of a particular host, for instance, cats, dogs, and even humans. Many fleas are brought into the house on peoples clothes, having jumped on them from outside. They can also be transported by beddings. Flea bites can cause skin irritations, rashes and itchiness. Some fleas may even carry bacteria and diseases and so they must be immediately eliminated once you notice such infestation.

Pest Problem No. 3 – Ants

These are the third most common insects or pests, well known for invading homes in search for food and moisture. Getting rid of ants can be tricky, as they are able to quickly adapt to any changes. As a matter of fact, most treatments are about controlling these pests temporarily rather than eliminating them completely.

Get effective solutions for Pest Control

Whether you are  dealing with an infestation of one of the above pests, or any other common household pests like beetles, mice or rats, getting a reputable pest control company such as ourselves will help you eradicate the problem more quickly and effectively.

Bottom line is, the team at IPM Pest Control will help you to eliminate these annoying little pests from your home quickly, affordably and effectively.