The loss caused to businesses by the damage caused by pest birds runs into the 100s of thousands of pounds every single year. In this article, we will be looking at some of the effects pest birds have on businesses and perhaps more importantly, how they can effect your business.

The Birds Droppings

This is by far the biggest damage businesses shoulder from pest birds. The droppings not only destroy roofs but also cause significant damage to structural materials. The Potential Cost of Uncontrolled Pest BirdsThe reason for this lies in the fact that the bird droppings are naturally acidic. When they fall on aluminium or other structural elements, they react, mostly forming sulphates, or carbonates which corrode.

Once corroded, companies spend a lot of money trying to repair the damage caused by pest birds – money that could otherwise have been used to expand a business, purchases stock or improve other areas of the business.

Spreading Disease

Research has associated some pest bird species with diseases that affect humans. Bird droppings in particular, have been known to cause harmful health problems in humans during inhalation. In addition to this, pest bird droppings have been associated with more than 50 diseases either through them, or through their refuse.

These diseases include chlamyiosis, salmonella (this causes typhoid) and histoplasmosis. It is also important to note at this stage, that, a lot of these diseases are as a result of the dangerous disease causing parasites such as ticks fleas, and mites found on the body of most pest birds.

Can Pest Birds Provide Any Benefit To Businesses?

Although pest birds have a lot of negative effects on business and homes, they can be good indicators of a healthy environment as ecological controls. Pest birds cannot survive in a polluted environment. The birds can also serve an ornamental purpose as well as predatory role when they feed on elements we do not want in our environments such as tiny pests.

However, this wide ranging and often non-tangible benefit is far outweighed by the potential negatives of a pest bird infestation.

Getting Rid Of Pest Birds

Getting rid of pest birds can be a very huge challenge for home owners and businesses for a variety of reasons, not least:

  • Birds are often creatures of habit (they may return in the future)
  • Birds operate in large numbers

Therefore, hiring the services of specialist bird control companies such as IPM Pest Control offers a far more effective solution than attempting to tackle the problem on your own.