Invasive pests have been at the root of many problems for large areas of the UK for an extensive period of time. However, scientists have developed a way to identify island habitats that face the greatest threat from invasive pests, such as rats and feral cats.

A BBC story highlighted that a team of research developed a priority list of islands that they hoped would help governments and conservationists to allocate resources.

Invasive alien species are recognised as one of the main threats to native biodiversity, especially on islands.

Damage limitation

“The main idea behind the study is that we have invasive vertebrate species on most of the islands around the whole of the world, and they are doing a lot of damage to many endemic and globally threatened species,” Effective Pest Controlexplained co-author Steffen Oppel, senior conservation scientist at the RSPB Conservation Science Centre.

“Knowing where to start in terms of removing the invasive species is quite difficult.”

Invasive species are defined as non-native species that have been introduce to a habitat, usually as a result of human activity, and have become established, often posing a real threat to the long-term survival of native species.

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Integrated Pest Management

As part of our on-going commitment to provide the highest quality protection against the threats posed by invasive pests, we have implemented ‘real time’ electronic field reporting. Field service staff input site data such as infestation, hygiene and proofing / defects into hand held PDA’s. Data is then immediately transmitted to our server.

Our clients who remotely manage multiple sites can log into our system via a secure code and download all data / site reports pertinent to that or recent inspections at their premises. This enables our clients to receive real time infestation / hygiene or proofing reports which can help reduce on-going cost’s.

All field staff and their vehicles are fully equipped to deal with any emergency response in relation to our scope of works. This pro-active approach enables us to quickly tackle and resolve pest issues and avoids the late resolution to any report or pest problem.

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