Rats can be quite dangerous and the most difficult for an average homeowner to eradicate, without the right professional help. Rats are fairly large creatures compared to the other normal household pests and cause a fair bit of revulsion among most people confronted with them.

Rats can cause a home to have many problems, one of the most dangerous of which is that they are carriers of dangerous diseases, because they thrive in environments that are dirty and germ infested. They have been known to spread plague, and their bodies always carry fleas, which are equally dangerous carriers of parasites.

Leptospirosis comes from rat droppings that can pollute water on streets and this is a disease that causes respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Rat bites can also be fairly dangerous, and rats in homes will attack humans if they find they are in any danger.

Causing Structural Damage

Rats can also cause serious structural damage to homes, as they can easily chew through wood and even concrete. They are known to gnaw at wires and this can cause The Danger Caused By Rats - Homeowners Bewareshort circuits, which can lead to fires and shocks. Rats make their own homes in houses by gnawing through floors and walls, and their constant search for food, leaves larders and kitchens as their favourite targets. They will also leave their droppings and paw marks on floors which can be horrifying to any home-owner.

Breeding Quickly

One of the most dangerous consequences of not addressing rat problems as soon as they are noticed is that they breed very quickly, and if they are left unchecked can grow to very large colonies, that even the best of pest control agencies will have difficulty eliminating. Fortunately, besides the obvious baits and other chemicals, technology has even come up with electronic means to dissuade rats from entering a home or staying in it.

Rats can also get into roof structures and under the tiles. They have an ability to climb walls, and can easily get under eaves, through drain pipes and sewers and enter a home, which they see as a source of food, which ensures their own survival. Rats can also be quite noisy and will come out after dark and roam around a home, where they feel that there is no other human presence.

If you believe that you have a rat problem, it is prudent to ensure that you look for their burrows in areas around the walls of your home. They can also enter a home by climbing trees and using their branches to access open windows of a home. They will gnaw through books, clothes and any other thing that they see as a source of food and this can cause extensive damage to belongings, furniture, drapes and other items.

Take immediate action to deal with the rats, as soon as you see signs of their being present. It can only save you a lot of worry and damage in the long run.