For more years than we care to remember IPM Pest Control has been effectively tackling all types of bird problems and infestations within London and the surrounding areas.

Often faced with pigeon and gull related problems, we also commonly received calls about pest issues caused by other birds including starlings, geese and Effective and Humane Bird Controlcrows.

We are delighted to have established a first class reputation for providing a professional and comprehensive bird control service, tailor-made to meet the needs of yourself and your business.

We cover all areas of London and the South-East offering both commercial and residential solutions to our customers.

Birds can make a mess.  It’s acidic, dangerous, and unsightly and has health, safety and environmental implications.

Unfortunately an infestation of pest birds creates health, safety and environmental issues such as:

  • Slip hazard to any person working or visiting a contaminated area.
  • Pathogenic transmission to humans of harmful bacteria and viral infections, contained in faeces.
  • Secondary insect infestation throughout a building, with eggs and larvae found in feathers, nesting material and faeces.
  • Unpleasant odours from contaminated area, especially in warm weather.
  • Permanent staining of brickwork with corrosion of metal pipe-work due to acidic nature of faeces.
  • Blocked water services from feathers, nesting material and droppings leading to possible internal seepage and increased maintenance costs.
  • Engineers refusing to conduct maintenance works on plant that is contaminated in even in the vicinity of where they may be working.

A recent Daily Mail article highlighted another way that birds are now becoming a pest!

Due to such reasons, specialist cleaning and disinfection of contaminated areas is required.  This is another service that Safeguard provides.

Guano and nesting material would be removed from site.  This waste would then be transferred to a registered waste disposal site by our registered carriers in accordance with current legislation.  This area would then be dry cleaned or jet washed utilising a powerful biocide disinfectant, reducing the risk of such diseases as ornithosis, psittacosis, histoplasmosis and salmonellosis.  Further to this it may be considered necessary to apply a pesticide, agaracide or fungicide to the affected areas.

Spring Wire System

Guards against perching on your window cills, horizontal ledges, gutters and beams.

Suitable for ledges, sills, cornices and other level roosting points. This system consists of stainless steel posts drilled and fixed to the masonry at specific intervals in one or more rows, spring tensioned plastic coated wire is attached to the posts and acts as an obstacle when birds attempt to land. Alternative specialist systems are available to prevent damage to lead or waterproof membranes and to enable the system to be installed onto guttering or steelwork.

The benefits of this system are its flexibility and economy, as it can be adapted for use in virtually any situation and it offers ledge protection at a cost lower than most other systems.

Bird Spike Deterrent Systems

Bird spikes are is designed to prevent the birds from landing and is one of the most effective and robust point systems available. It’s specifically designed for areas of heavy infestation and features stainless steel wires mounted on a UV stabilised acrylonitrile polycarbonate base. The dense pattern of protruding pins make it difficult for pigeons to land and displaces them elsewhere without harming them.

The system is suitable for both pigeons and gulls.

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Fully Guaranteed Work

IPM Pest Control has many years of experience in all aspects of bird control and population management and guarantee all of our works.

All IPM systems conform to statutory legislation and are designed to be humane, environmentally friendly and sympathetic to both the building fabric and architecture.

The video below offers an alternative view on dealing with the presence of pest birds.

Further Information

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