Super Rats on the March!!

//Super Rats on the March!!

Super Rats on the March!!

Middlesex Rat Control

Tales of the ‘Super Rats’ are spreading throughout the UK!

“Mutant rats that are immune to traditional poisons are on the increase in Britain, according to experts.

The rodents look exactly like any other, but eat the toxic pellets and powders without being harmed – sparking worries they could breed and lead to a big increase in the rat population.

Pest control specialists said the creatures have been discovered in Kent and the Sussex towns of Eastbourne, Hastings, Battle and East Grinstead.”

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Evolving Pest

“EDINBURGH has been invaded by mutant super-rats which thrive on the poison designed to kill them, pest controllers have warned.

Residents’ efforts to rid their homes of the vermin menace are only making the creatures more resistant to toxins.

The problem was identified by a Huddersfield University research team who have been studying the rats’ DNA.

They found evidence the super-rats, capable of consuming the poison pellets “like feed”, are growing in numbers.”

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Stick with IPM Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management has years of experience and expertise in the control and removal of rats. We know which products to use and when and how to use them.

Rats are able to breed at a very fast rate and a pair of rats could turn into hundreds of rats within the space of a year, so it is without high importance that you get in touch with a professional in rat control that can deal with the situation at the earliest opportunity, so the infestation doesn’t become out of hand.

One way to control the infestation of any rats is to reduce any wasted in food and water and wherever possible to clean up any food that may have been spilled and to fix any faulty taps, pipes that may be leaking.

Effective Removal

The highly trained people that we have at Integrated Pest Management Ltd use their knowledge of what to use and where to use, to ensure that the results are as effective as possible.

Once this has been done we will give you recommendation’s to implement to ensure and prevent rats from returning to cause you any problems in the future.

For further information or to arrange a survey please call us on 0800 9707746 or click the ‘Live Help’ button at the top of our website.

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