A recent story in the East Grinstead Courier highlighted the continue plight against the persistent threat posed by the presence of rats.

“Rats seen crossing road, swimming with ducks and stealing people’s lunch at Lingfield pond

RATS have invaded a Lingfield beauty spot – and people innocently feeding ducks could be making things worse.

Gun Pond in Plaistow Street has become overrun with rodents, which are thought to have been attracted by bread being dropped by families throwing it for the resident ducks.

Lingfield Parish Council has put up a sign on the island of the pond asking people not to feed the birds in an effort to take away the rats’ food source and encourage them to move on.

But it appears the pests are there to stay for the time being, with residents reporting seeing them crossing the road, swimming in the pond and even brazenly stealing people’s lunch.”

For the full story http://www.eastgrinsteadcourier.co.uk/Rats-seen-crossing-road-swimming-ducks-stealing/story-22080382-detail/story.html

How Quickly Can Things Get Out of Control?

The following video highlights just how quickly rat populations can grow if left unchecked.

Remain in Safe Hands

Integrated Pest Management has years of experience and expertise in the control and removal of rats. We know which products to use and when and how to use them.

Rats are able to breed at a very fast rate and a pair of rats could turn into hundreds of rats within the space of a year, so it is without high importance that you get in touch with a professional in rat control that can deal with the situation at the earliest opportunity, so the infestation doesn’t become out of hand.

One way to control the infestation of any rats is to reduce any wasted in food and water and wherever possible to clean up any food that may have been spilled and to fix any faulty taps, pipes that may be leaking.

Effective Removal

The highly trained people that we have at Integrated Pest Management Ltd use their knowledge of what to use and where to use, to ensure that the results are as effective as possible.

Once this has been done we will give you recommendation’s to implement to ensure and prevent rats from returning to cause you any problems in the future.

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If you suspect you need the assistance of the premier standard of rat control London has to offer, including our rat control services, call us for more advice on 01992 763776.

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