Steering Clear of Gull Problems

//Steering Clear of Gull Problems

Steering Clear of Gull Problems

Gulls typically choose to return to a nesting site that they have used previously, so if you have suffered with gull problems in the past, the chances are that unfortunately you will suffer with problems again.

If you have experienced any gull related problems over the past 12 months, now is the perfect time to seek advice and assistance so that we can ensure measures are implemented to make sure the problems don’t re-surface.

Signs to Watch Out For

Whilst it may seem a strange question to ask given the seemingly obvious presence of gulls, would you know exactly what to look out for and what gulls can cause? Read on for further information.

Noise Pollution – Gulls are certainly not the quietest of birds. Having gulls nest in or around your property can result in a huge amount of unwanted noise.

Unpleasant Smells – Gulls are known to eat anything and everything that they come into contact with. The result of this is their droppings have a really bad smell and can be highly corrosive and harmful to human health.

Damage to Property – The mess that gulls can create over a period of time can be quite considerable and ultimately can prove to be very expensive to repair.

Injuries – Gulls are generally very possessive when it comes to their young. There have been reported cases of people being attacked by nesting gulls every time they entered or left their property.

Prevention is better than cure

Because gulls are protected by legislation, you cannot take matters into your own hands to remove them from the area.

Fortunately though, there are a variety of options available to prevent gulls from nesting on a building including wires, netting and spikes which can can both supply and install. The prevention method used generally depends on the type of building that needs protecting and our range of proven solutions are guaranteed to offer swift and long lasting relief from these problems.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the services available from IPM, or would like to an on-site consultation please give us a call on 01992 763776 or click the ‘Live Help’ button at the top of our website.

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