Steer Clear of Rats!

//Steer Clear of Rats!

Steer Clear of Rats!


A combination of an ever growing population, along with more and more food retail premises opening up, the presence of rats is becoming ever more formidable.

Often thought of as an urban myth, it is actually a fact that no matter where you are, you will never be further than 4 feet from a rat. This figure reduces even further if you live in London! It is hard to put an exact figure on the number of rats which can be found throughout the UK, but it is thought the rat population stands at around 80 million – far exceeding the number of humans living in the UK. It’s an unsettling thought but one that accurately identifies the extent of the battle we have with uncontrolled rat infestations.

Why Aren’t They Under Control?

There is no escaping the fact that rats pose a very serious health threat and this inevitably leads to the question, ‘why isn’t more being done to bring rats under control?

One of the major problems is that many people’s idea of effectively handling a rat infestation is by using traditional, cheap methods of extermination. This is certain not to happen when the team at IPM becomes involved.

Once we receive a call, we will quickly complete a comprehensive survey of the affected property to find out the extent of the problem and to accurately identify where the rat’s lair is found.

Environmentally Friendly Products

We use only the most environmentally friendly products to control a rat infestation and to ensure the offending rat infestation has been completely removed, we will make at least three repeat visits to the business.

Our price of our rat control service is highly competitive and in addition to providing our treatment services, we will also provide a detailed plan regarding the steps which must be taken to help avoid a repeat problem.

Leave it to the Professionals 

Realistically speaking, whilst many people may try to combat a rat infestation themselves, the only truly effective way to deal with rats is to call in the professionals.

By offering a service which delivers continuous monitoring and preventative methods, including on-site reports, property risk assessments and surveys with recommendations to prevent any future infestations, our clients are certain the receive the best possible service.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the services available from IPM, or would like to an on-site consultation please give us a call on 01992 763776 or click the ‘Live Help’ button at the top of our website.

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