Staying Ahead of the Game

//Staying Ahead of the Game

Staying Ahead of the Game

For many of the coastal areas of England, along with some of the inland areas, gulls can be a huge problem.

However, even for us, this story is a little unusual. Check out the video below!

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Although this story is somewhat a one off, there are a huge number of people who are negatively impacted by the unwanted presence of gulls in and around their property.

What Do You Need To Know About Gulls?

The Gull or Seagull is a medium to large bird usually grey or white and often has black marking on its head and wings. It has a long bill and webbed feet.

Gulls are ground nesting birds. They are found in coastal areas and rarely stray far from land. These highly intelligent birds have learned to co-exist successfully with humans. They eat live crabs and small fish and are quite often scavengers.

What Problems Can They Cause?

From their ability to peck away at the fabric of buildings, to causing drain blockage through nest debris and dropping build up, the gulls can cause severe damage to the areas that they are located.

Perhaps even more importantly, in addition to costing your business significant repair bills, seagulls have also been implicated in the transmission of Botulism and Salmonella – potentially putting your duty of care to employees and the public at risk.

If you have a gull problem, you need to turn to the experts.

We Can Help!

If you suspect you have a gull or seagull problem, call us for more advice on 01992 763776 regarding the premier standard of seagull control Sussex has to offer.

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