As we mentioned during a previous blog, the winter does not see a downturn in the pest control industry. Quite the opposite in fact and one of the most stubborn of pests during the summer does everything possible to make its presence felt during the winter. This pest is called known throughout the world – the rat.

A great number of household pests, including rodents such as rats and mice, remain active throughout the whole year and as the temperature begins to drop, the longer and colder winter nights make your home, garden and workplace extremely attractive as they seek some warm and dry to make their home for the next few months.

Prevent Rather Than Cure

Taking action to prevent rats and other pests invading your property is just as important during the winter as at any other time of year. The most basic precautions can be put in place by yourself and include not leaving any food outdoors overnight, and keeping food preparation and storage areas clean and tidy.Are Rodents Still a Pest During Winter?

Leftover pet food or food spillages, indoors or out, are hugely attractive to rats and mice looking for something to eat. Other simple tasks which must be completed to reduce the level of attractiveness posed by your property includes keeping your garden/outdoor area as tidy as possible. Piles of wood or dry leaves can quickly become comfortable homes for rodents. Compost bins are particularly popular, especially if you put food scraps into them.

Outbuildings, such as sheds and children’s playhouses, can also become places of safety and shelter for rodents where they can remain undisturbed for prolonged periods of time in relative protection from the extremes of the British winter climate. Make it part of your winter routine to check these buildings, and to fill any obvious cracks or gaps through which rodents could get in.

For a truly terrifying story, please check out the following video about rats!

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the range of services available from IPM Pest Control, including our ability to effectively control rodents such as rats and mice, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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