Some species of gull can pose a serious problem when they choose to nest on business premises, deterring potential customers and causing damage to the property itself. At IPM Pest Control, we offer the leading standard of seagull removal Brighton has to offer, delivering lasting results time after time.

About the Gull

The Gull or Seagull is a medium to large bird usually grey or white and often has black marking on its head and wings. It has a long bill and webbed feet. Gulls are ground nesting birds. They are found in coastal areas and rarely stray far from land. These highly intelligent birds have learned to co-exist successfully with humans. They eat live crabs and small fish and are quite often scavengers.

For many it often proves difficult to consider these birds as pests, however an infestation could lead to architectural damage to properties and possible health and safety issues.

Why Do They Cause Problems?

Due to the architecture of many modern buildings, especially those which have flat roofs and straight sides, they are viewed by gulls as being very similar to the types of cliffs which are used naturally when nesting in the wild. Therefore, these types of buildings often prove to be the ideal habitat for these birds to roost and nest. They will readily make use of areas such as:

  • Ledges
  • Balconies
  • Chimney stacks
  • Roofs – in particular flat roofs where they can flock together

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