Saying Goodbye to Guano!

//Saying Goodbye to Guano!

Saying Goodbye to Guano!

A recent story on the BBC’s website highlighted just how troublesome and potentially dangerous guano (bird droppings) can be.

Rome is facing a “guano alarm” as millions of starlings leave the city covered in a thick layer of droppings, Italian media report.

Some four million starlings annually overwinter in the capital, but this year spending Pigeon Control Londoncuts have derailed efforts to discourage the birds from settling in central areas. In previous years, anti-starling measures have included pruning plane trees and broadcasting amplified cries of birds of prey through loudspeakers.

The tree-lined Lungotevere, the boulevard running along the river Tiber, is particularly badly affected. Sections of it are thick with droppings, creating slip hazards for pedestrians, cyclists and motorbike riders alike. Pedestrians arm themselves with umbrellas or run for cover. The situation is so bad that some residents bang on pots and pans in the streets and squares to scare the birds away, just as people used to do in years gone by.

The team at IPM Pest Control can help ensure that this is a problem which does not effect you.

Removal of Guano

Guano is known to carry bacteria and diseases and because of this, guano removal is a specialist job to remove this. Guano is acidic and requires special chemicals and equipment to effectively remove the mess that it creates. At IPM we will also remove any nesting materials from the effected site.

Once effective guano removal has taken place, we also ensure that it is transferred to a registered waste disposal site to guarantee compliance with legislation.

After the area has been suitably cleaned, we will dry clean or jet wash the area using a powerful biocide disinfectant, to ensure that the risk of disease is minimized.

Our bird control experts will also recommend any further treatments which may be required.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the guano removal techniques available from IPM Pest Control, please give us a call on Tel. No. 01992 763776 and our technicians will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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