Rodent Problems – Know Your Enemy

//Rodent Problems – Know Your Enemy

Rodent Problems – Know Your Enemy

Have you ever found yourself in this position. You are lying in bed, counting sheep to help you fall asleep only to hear that familiar scratching or tapping sound that you desperately want to go away!

Whilst it may be of little comfort to know which, the chances are that it will be one of the 3 culprits highlighted below. Even if you manage to fall asleep, when you awake, make sure that the first thing that you do is give us a call to let our team of experts get to the bottom of your unwelcome visitors.

Armed with the information detailed below, you will be in a better position of understanding what is attempting to invade your home allowing you to take all of the steps Ratnecessary to nip this problem in the bud!

Know Your Enemy !!!

Your first priority if you believe that you have home invaders is to try and find out exactly what type of rodent you are dealing with. This can be done by either trying to get a glimpse of the little critter or by identifying some tell-tale signs.

  • The Brown Rat: As inferred by the name, the brown rat is rather unsurprisingly a brownish red colour and can grow to be a fairly sizeable creature weighing anywhere from 280g to 480g.  With a thick body and a blunt nose it has smaller ears that its black relative along with a shorter tail.
  • The Black Rat: Despite being called the ‘black’ rat, it is typically a dark grey in colour rather than black and has a thinner body and pointy nose.  They have outstanding climbing skills and are highly proficient at scaling walls thanks to extra pads and digits on their paws.
  • The House Mouse This mouse is easily distinguished from a rat as it is about a tenth of the size and measures only about 15cm nose to tail.

If you are unable to gain sight of the rodent in question, there is every chance that their droppings will give their identity away.

Classic Areas

Classic areas to inspect for activity will typically be anywhere that food is stored, such as outbuildings, kitchens or pantries.  It may also pay to check any areas which have poor areas of sanitation such as rubbish heaps, debris around the property or even overflowing dustbins.

Other obvious signs include the teeth marks left by gnawing at the base of wooden doors, particularly on sheds or garages. Whilst rats will leave gnaw marks of approximately 4mm in diameter, with holes which are likely to be big with rough torn edges, mouse holes are likely to be small and clear cut and the gnaw marks left will be 1-2mm in width

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the bed bug removal services available from IPM Pest Control, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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