Are You Ready For the Attack of the Fleas????

//Are You Ready For the Attack of the Fleas????

Are You Ready For the Attack of the Fleas????

Warning! You may begin to itch by the end of this article!

We all know that the British press loves to rain on our parade. As the weather begins to put a smile on our faces, inevitably the stories begin to flow relating to potential summer problems that will soon be facing us.

Real Problems

Unfortunately, the story below highlighted in the Daily Mail below represents a real problem for people and one which cannot (quite literally) be swept under the carpet.

With statistics such as those below currently available, the chances of needing expert help to combat the threat posed by fleas could be about to become greater than ever before.

  • Scientists from the British Pest Control Association are predicting an ‘explosion’ of flea activity in UK homes over the next few weeks
  • Milder winters have seen flea populations swell
  • Around 95% of parasites lie dormant in soft furnishings before hatching
  • They can transmit diseases to pets and humans
  • Under the right conditions, one flea can turn into 125,000 of the parasites within eight weeks, and it can bite a pet 400 times in a day

For the full story please click on the link below –

For a close up look at the life of a flea, check out this brilliant National Geographic video below.

About Fleas

Fleas are extremely common in domestic properties, with eggs laid in the vicinity of the host. Pupa can remain dormant in excess of months if temperature and food is not favourable.

Adult fleas emerge from the pupa in response to vibrations made by a host. Adult fleas live exclusively as parasites of warm-blooded animals, especially mammals, although birds may also be attacked. Whilst they show a certain degree of host preference, fleas are by no means specific and will feed on other animals in the absence of the normal host.

Control of Fleas

Successful control of fleas requires an extensive and thorough treatment by a professional pest control company. To eradicate this pest requires a close understanding of its biology, lifestyle and habits. Integrated Pest Management has that expertise and years of practical field experience. We know exactly which products to use, when to use them and where.

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