Upon completion of a pest control project, IPM Pest Control offer an after care pest proofing service which has been designed to deny rodents further ingress into your property.

How and why do the mice get into my property?

Rodents, much like humans like to be warm, dry and have a possible regular food source. Your homes are likely to fulfil all of these criteria. Rodents can enter under door gaps, through air bricks Prevention Rather Than Cureand gaps around supply services. If your property is terraced, semi detached or you are in a ‘multiple occupancy’ building, they will also infest from neighbouring areas. Any hole or gap large enough to push a pen through will potentially allow mice to enter your property.

What pest proofing options do we offer?

The service is conducted following a comprehensive procedure to ensure no possible entry points are overlooked. The service is undertaken by qualified pest controllers with an understanding of rodent behaviour and control.

Where ‘accessible’ points of ingress are identified we will block using appropriate rodent proof materials such as, but not limited to:

  • Wire wool
  • Fire cement
  • Aluminium plate
  • Bristle strip
  • Galvanised mesh
  • Polyurethane foam
  • PVC sheet

Sometimes materials are used in conjunction with each other – for example wire wool will be used as a backing material before overlay with silicone mastic or expanding foam to prevent mice from gnawing back through.

Will the proofing work?

Integrated Pest Management are experienced in all pest related issues. We currently have a 98% success rate in denying rodents access to ‘living area’ of your property. However, it is important to know that rodents are tenacious creatures and can gnaw through other unprotected areas of your property. This aside, our experienced team are very successful in this service.