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//Pigeon Spikes London

Pigeon Spikes London

There are a number of effective bird control methods available but without doubt one of the most effective and humane pigeon deterrents available today are pigeon spikes.

The implementation of these ultra reliable strips of pigeon spikes will ensure that the offending birds are unable to land in the areas they can cause the most damage.

Adaptable & Easily Fitted

Generally bird spikes are available in the form of adaptable strips which can be cut down to the appropriate size and fitted to external perching locations. Their exceptional levels of adaptability ensure they can be easily fitted to a huge range of surface areas including windowsills, ledges, roof edges and more, and can be either glued or nailed into a surface.

Pigeon Spikes are almost identical to bird spikes, the only noticeable difference being the more robust design to compensate for the heavier weight possessed by pigeons than many other types of pest birds.

Humane Method of Bird Control

Due to the humane bird control properties of pigeon spikes, they are one of the most highly recommended methods of effectively combating pigeon problems and have even be endorsed for use by the RSPB.

Fast Response Times

At IPM Pest Control, we guarantee fast response times throughout many areas of the South East and once at the property or premises, out highly skilled team of pigeon control experts will work quickly to ascertain the extent of your problem and then install our highly reliable pigeon spikes wherever necessary.

Properties of Pigeon Spikes

Pigeon spikes generally measure approximately 1 foot (30 cm) long and achieve their goal by forcing pest birds to land elsewhere. Because the pigeons will not actually come into contact with the spikes they leave unharmed. As a result, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) recommends bird control spikes for deterring pigeons from gardens.

Pigeon spikes are often described as “the most effective (type of) stand-alone bird deterrent”, and can be placed along ledges, walls, on top of closed circuit television cameras and in rain gutters, in order to prevent birds from perching on the surfaces.

Common Uses

Commonly found in city centres and coastal areas, where feral birds are more common and more likely to come into conflict with humans, pigeon spikes are becoming an increasingly popular bird control method because of the need to comply with non-lethal bird control methods.

Further Information

If you wish to speak to someone from our friendly customer service team regarding IPM’s excellent quality pigeon spikes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to outline in further detail how our pigeon spikes can benefit you and your business.


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