About Pigeons

Feral PigeonsFeral pigeons (Columba livia var) are found in association with human habitation in all our towns and cities. They are related to the Rock Dove which is now only found in remote cliffs and are a result of interbreeding between the Rock Dove and Racing Pigeons which have gone feral. This accounts for the variety of markings commonly found on feral pigeons.

They build their nests in or on buildings, particularly on ledges, under eaves and on girders under railway bridges.

Problems Caused By Pigeon Mess

The mess which they make underneath their nests, from droppings, feathers, egg shells etc, is not only unsightly but dangerous. The droppings are acidic so that they not only disfigure buildings but can actually attack and damage building materials such as stone and brickwork. Gutters and drain pipes may become blocked, leading to flooding and associated problems. Pavements, ladders and fire escapes may be made unsafe due to the hazard of slipping on droppings.

Pigeons Carry Diseases

Feral pigeons can also carry ornithosis (a mild form of psittacosis) and some have been shown to carry salmonella. This could be a potential hazard if they gain access to food premises. Properties infested with large numbers of pigeons often also become infested with associated pests such beetles or bird mites. Bird mites will bite humans as well as birds.

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