About Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental CockroachCockroaches have existed for 250 million years.

Originating from Africa they colonise warm habitats in Northern Europe and are commonly found in commercial food handling premises and in kitchens, particularly within institutional buildings such as hospitals.

Omnivorous with mouthpart adapted for biting they will feed on almost anything from paper to soap but need free water.

Nocturnal, they hide during daylight in crack and crevices around sinks, drains and sewers. They live together in harbourages, have few natural predators and exude a distinctive unpleasant odour.

Problems Caused By Oriental Cockroaches

By feeding on human food, faeces, drains and other bacteria rich environments, these pests are vectors of many diseases, transmitting pathogenic organisms including Salmonella, Shigella and Staphylococcus. In addition to bacterial contamination, foodstuffs can be tainted by dead insects and the distinctive smell of cockroaches. Cockroaches can also damage materials by chewing.

Control of Oriental Cockroaches

Successful control of cockroaches requires planning followed by an extensive and thorough treatment by a professional pest control company.

To eradicate this persistent pest requires a close understanding of its biology, lifestyle and habits. Integrated Pest Management has that expertise and years of practical field experience. We know exactly which products to use, when to use them and where.

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