About Mice

The house mouse is generally dusty grey with a lighter coloured underside. The head and body measures between 70 and 95mm with the tail measuring as much again. Adult mice can be confused with juvenile rats but there are two main features which distinguish between them. A juvenile rat has large feet and a large head relative to its size, an adult mouse has smaller feet and a smaller head.

Mice Breeding

Mice breed rapidly and under optimum conditions a female can have a litter of around six every 40 to 50 days. The potential to cause problems is therefore vast.

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Great Value Mice Removal

Brown MouseWe offer mice removal from £210 + VAT in all of the following areas, this price includes three visits from IPM Pest Control:

  • East Central London (EC1 – EC4 postcodes)
  • West Central London (WC1 – WC2 postcodes)
  • North London (N1 – N22 postcodes)
  • North West London (NW1 – NW11 postcodes)
  • East London (E1 – E18 postcodes)
  • West London (W1 – W14 postcodes)
  • South East London (SE1 – SE28 postcodes)
  • South West London (SW1 – SW20 postcodes)
  • Bromley (BR1 – BR8 postcodes)
  • Croydon (CR0 – CR9 postcodes)
  • Dartford (DA1 – DA18 postcodes)
  • Enfield (EN1 – EN11 postcodes)
  • Harrow (HA0 – HA9 postcodes)
  • Hemel Hempstead (HP1 – HP14 postcodes)
  • Ilford (IG1 – IG11 postcodes)
  • Kingston Upon Thames (KT1 – KT24 postcodes)
  • Romford (RM1 – RM20 postcodes)
  • Sutton (SM1 – SM7 postcodes)
  • Twickenham (TW1 – TW20 postcodes)
  • Uxbridge (UB1 – UB10 postcodes)
  • Watford (WD1 – WD25 postcodes)