About The False Widow Spider

False Widow SpiderThe False Widow Spider Steatoda nobilis is Britain’s most venomous spider, however – do not be over alarmed at this fact – its bite is little worse than a bee sting. Originally brought over from the Canary Islands some two hundred years ago the False Widow Spider has been creeping northwards after arriving on the south coast.
The spider takes its name from its look-a-like cousin the deadly Black Widow. In appearance the False Widow has a bulbous abdomen with varying colourations but usually dark brown with lighter brown marbling colours on its abdomen. Adults are approximately the size of a twenty pence coin.


False Widow spiders like most spiders create an egg sack which they sit guard over. The duration from egg to juvenile stage can take between two and four months. The female lay’s up to 120 eggs a time. The juvenile spiders disperse and can live up to and over two years (females living longer, as males once adult do not feed). Females will become sexually mature in their second year. The web is usually an irregular tangle of sticky fibers in appearance.

Health Risk

Although this spider can bite, it rarely does. There have only been a handful of occurrences which have usually been as a result of the insect reacting in self defense. To date no one has suffered more than swollen tissue and a bite mark and there have been no deaths as a result of this spider bite and no long term ill effects. There are no known reports of male false widow spiders biting.

The bite is similar to a wasp or bee sting – If people are particularly sensitive to these stings it would be good advice to keep clear of these creatures.


If you are concerned by this spider and or allergic to insect bites – Integrated Pest Management Ltd can provide a treatment against this spider. It is important to mention however that once the chemical naturally disperses, spiders can encroach at a later date.

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