About The Common Clothes Moth


  • Adult – 6 – 8 mm long. Forewings shiny golden-buff with no markings. Trailing edge of the wings is strongly fringed.
  • Larva – up to 10 mm long. Creamy white with a golden brown head. Lives in a silken tube often 10 to 15 times the length of the body.
  • Pupa About 6 mm long.


  • Egg to adult is usually about 6 weeks. May reach 10 to 18 months if the food is poor or temperatures are cold.


  • Adult does not feed. Runs rather than flies, avoids the light.
  • Irregular holes made in fabrics.

Successful Control of Common Clothes Moth

Successful control of Common Clothes Moth requires planning followed by a thorough treatment by a professional pest control company. To eradicate this pest requires a close understanding of its biology, lifestyle and habits. Integrated Pest Management has the expertise and years of practical field experience, we know which products to use, when to use them and where.

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Great Value Clothes Moth Removal

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