There is a common school of thought that pest control during the winter is a waste of money. After all, who has ever heard of pests causing a problem during the cold weather???

The truth however is often very different, for many pest control companies, winter can prove to be an equally busy time of the year, the only difference being the fact that the focus moves inside our customer’s homes and properties as opposed to outside.

This shift of focus can often prove to be highly beneficial as we can often identify and address issues that property owners are completely unaware of, and prevent other pest problems before they start.

Which Pests are Most Common?

Spiders and rodents can be a problem inside year round where it’s nice and warm. We use winter as a chance to physically remove any pests which are trying to make Pest Control Essexyour home their own and treat the areas where they are most likely to try and re-infest.

We also carefully inspect all areas of homes for evidence of rodents. We commonly find mouse activity in basements, crawl spaces, and attics long before home owners see the signs in more high profile areas.

Perfect Time For Prevention

The opportunity to work closely with our clients during the winter months also offers the perfect chance to prepare their property for the spring.

By identifying and sealing pest entry points, and using the appropriate methods to create a barrier around the property that will last for an extended period of time.

In fact, the three things that cause pesticides to break down – light, heat, and moisture – are less of a factor in winter than any other time of year, which means our products will last longer and be right where you need them when it warms back up.

All effective pest control companies will include a comprehensive winter service performed by a well-trained technician. It is a crucial part of protecting your home, and keeping it pest free all year long. Therefore stick with IPM to remain in safe hands.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the winter pest control available from IPM Pest Control, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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