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Over the coming weeks and months we will be writing a series of articles on how best to control common pests.

We begin the series with a pest that is often looked upon as cute and furry and sometimes even kept as pets. However mice are looked upon in a totally different light if you find your business or home infested with these creatures.

Signs of Mice Problems

If you have mice living in your building you may notice small dark coloured droppings on your floor.  Mice are also incontinent and will constantly urinate.  You may also notice a strange smell if their nest is in close vicinity. Also gnawing to woodwork, cables, food packaging etc. is very common. This is because the teeth of a mouse are constantly growing, so the mouse needs to gnaw to keep their teeth and consistent length.

Breeding Patterns of Mice

Mice breed extremely quickly so if you do suspect that you have a mouse living in your building it is important that you act fast.

A female mouse can have a litter every 50 to 60 days and a litter can consist of up to 16 mice.

Problems Caused By Mice

Mice cause two main problems.  Firstly there is a health risk involve due to their urinating and defecating which can lead to food poisoning.

Secondly their gnawing can cause major problems with your building, especially if they chew through electrical cables or pipework.  This can lead to very expensive repair bills particularly if this happens in hard to access areas.

How To Remove Mice

If you suspect that your building is infested with mice, the best course of action to to call a pest control specialist immediately.  It is possible to buy mouse traps and bait but due to their breeding habits, it is important that you ensure that every single mouse is removed.

A pest control expert will be able to survey the entire area and be familiar with the living and breeding patterns on mice.  Pest control companies also have access to chemicals and pesticides that are only available for use by licensed professionals and not to the general public.

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