Middlesex Rat Control

At IPM Ltd, we offer the premier levels of Middlesex Rat Control has to offer, to help neutralize any existing rat infestations and wherever possible stop them appearing in the first place.

Common Pest

Rats are extremely common throughout many areas of the County and can usually be found living outdoors or underground in urban sewers.

Widely acknowledged to carry a wide variety of threatening diseases, rats possess the ability to pose a wide range of problems. They are also widely known for their ability to gnaw through cables and in today’s environment of data networks and telecommunications, this can prove to be very costly to rectify.

Tell Tale Signs

Signs of rat activity can take many different forms and can include well marked travelling routes, gnawing marks and greasy smears left on walls pipes and around floor joists, against which they habitually brush. They are notoriously cautious with new objects and food sources.

Approximately 50-70% of rats are believed to carry Leptospirosis which leads to the potentially fatal Weil’s disease in humans. Rats carry parasitic and food poisoning organisms such as Salmonella. Disease transmission is via infection of foodstuffs and water supply.

Effective Control of Rats

Successful control of rats requires planning followed by a extensive and thorough treatment by a professional pest control company. To eradicate this persistent pest requires a close understanding of its biology, lifestyle and habits. Integrated Pest Management has that expertise and years of practical field experience We know exactly which products to use, when to use them and where.

Swift Results

Rats breed at an astonishingly fast rate – a pair of rats can turn into hundreds over the space of a year, so if you even suspect you have a rat infestation, it’s of the utmost importance that you contact a professional pest control expert at the earliest possible opportunity before things can quickly begin to grow out of control.

The effective removal of a rat infestation is a highly skilled procedure and under normal circumstances we would recommend a combination of traps and treatments to complete remove this persistent threat.

Our highly trained pest control specialists have all of the skills and knowledge to ensure that they know exactly what to use and where to use it to ensure the most effective results possible.

Prevention Methods

Once the original threat has been contained and eliminated, we will also recommend a series of details which can be implement to prevent the rats from returning to wreak havoc again in the future.

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