For many years, we at IPM Pest Control have been effectively tackling all types of bird problems and infestations, most commonly pigeons and gulls, but also starlings, geese and crows. We are delighted to have established a first class reputation for providing a professional and comprehensive bird control service, tailor-made to meet the needs of yourself and your business.

Pest birds and pigeons in particular birds can be as dangerous as rats in terms of carrying infectious diseases harmful to humans.

The pest control team at IPM Pest Control possess all of the knowledge and experience needed to help you understand the situations that they face and the skills to ensure they can provide lasting relief against the Pigeonspresence of pest pigeons.

Known to Pass on Harmful Diseases

  • Through the birds interaction with your home
  • Through waste

The disease begins in their nests and surrounding environments and then spreads to other areas of your commercial or residential structure

At IPM Pest Control we use a range of proven techniques to ensure that we offer our clients lasting results offering tremendous value for money. We are dedicated to dealing with the problem of pest control and bird proofing throughout all areas of the South East of England by using humane methods.

We have successfully completed projects for both domestic and commercial customers through our use of tried and tested techniques such as bird netting, bird wire and bird spikes.

Our methods are proven to offer both short and long term benefits and are designed to ensure that our clients can carry on with their everyday tasks without the negative aspects of pest birds constantly rearing their head.

Should I Bird Proof My Property?

There are many problems associated with pest birds but perhaps the most importance is the risk of contamination that they pose. If they choose your building as their home, you may very well find that large amounts of hazardous waste can quickly build up. This can damage the structure of your building, attract bacteria, and generally have a negative effect to the external view of your building. If though, you have implemented bird proofing measures, this risk is significantly reduced.

There are three main factors that make finding effective bird control methods such a priority for building managers and architects.

  • The unsightly mess of guano (bird faeces) which has a hugely negative effect on the aesthetics of your property.
  • Increased anti-social behaviour, particularly around nesting time.
  • A range of significant health risks posed by problem birds.

So don’t run the risk of birds making the exterior of your property and even the interior in some cases by browsing our website to view the full range of bird proofing techniques that we utilise.

Our highly qualified team of technicians will be happy to advise regarding the ways of improving the effectiveness of our installations, as well as how to look out for potential nesting/resting places within your surrounding environment.