To ensure effective and lasting results, Japanese knotweed removal is something that should be undertaken by a company who are regarded as specialists in this field.

Japanese Knotweed is capable of growing at extraordinary rates (up to 10cm per day) and is found throughout all areas of the UK. It is a highly invasive weed and if left unchecked is capable of exposing any weaknesses in buildings, foundations, concrete and tarmac.

At IPM Pest Control, we utilise the skills of our highly knowledgeable team of experts who possess a range of skills and techniques which provide reliable results when removing this troublesomeJapanese Knotweed weed time after time.

What Damage Can Japanese Knotweed Cause?

It is estimated that the presence of Japanese knotweed on a development site can add approximately 10% to the costs of the development to ensure effective treatment and disposal.

If left uncontrolled, it can swiftly dominate the area in which it is found, such as a garden, and can quickly spread to spread to adjoining properties.

Removal can ensure the problems listed below are quickly rectified.

  • Damage to driveways, pavements etc
  • Damage to building foundations, walls etc
  • Reduction of light into a property due to height of growth
  • Displacing of native flora and fauna
  • Significant reduction in land and property values

Effective Removal Solutions

We implement bespoke removal options to obtain the best possible results for our clients along with utilising a variety of different application methods to minimise the impact the herbicide will have on surrounding plants and vegetation. It is of the utmost importance what we choose a method of removing Japanese knotweed which are most appropriate to each location.

We liaise closely with our clients to ensure our visits are as convenient as possible and we use chemicals that will have little or no impact on health within hours of application.

In the interests of safety, however, pets and children should be kept clear of the area during and immediately following herbicide application.

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