Japanese Knotweed Removal In Kent

//Japanese Knotweed Removal In Kent

Japanese Knotweed Removal In Kent

Japanese KnotweedThe removal of Japanese Knotweed in Kent by one of the dedicated team of specialists at IPM Pest Control ensures swift acting and long lasting solutions for affected areas.

Our highly knowledge team of Japanese Knotweed experts offer practical and professional advice along with a cost effective solution each and every time.

What Damage Can Japanese Knotweed Cause?

It is estimated that the presence of Japanese Knotweed on a development site can add approximately 10% to the costs of the development to ensure effective treatment and disposal.

If left uncontrolled, Japanese knotweed can swiftly dominate the area in which it is found, such as a garden, and can quickly spread to spread to adjoining properties.

Japanese Knotweed is capable of growing at extraordinary rates (up to 10cm per day) and is found throughout all areas of the UK. Japanese Knotweed is a highly invasive weed and if left unchecked is capable of exposing any weaknesses in buildings, foundations, concrete and tarmac.

Common problems caused by Kent Japanese Knotweed are:

  • Damage to driveways, pavements etc
  • Damage to building foundations, walls etc
  • Reduction of light into a property due to height of growth
  • Displacing of native flora and fauna
  • Significant reduction in land and property values

Fortunately though, it is  worth remembering that for every Japanese Knotweed problem there is an effective solution.

Methods of Control – Stem Injection

To eradicate this invasive plant requires an understanding of its growth and legislation. Stem injection targets the application of a controlled quantity of herbicide directly into the core of the plant between the second and third nodule. This direct targeting of the herbicidal application enables stem injection to be the least insidious method of eradication of Japanese Knotweed.

The stem injection is normally undertaken when the plant is dying back as it then draws the herbicide into the root system. Unlike traditional spraying methods, the injection system is not weather dependant i.e heavy winds or rain.

Stem injection can 100% be safely applied in an area where Tree Preservation Orders have been issued and where there are environmental constraints.

Stem injection has no impact on any surrounding vegetation or wildlife. Stem injection is accepted and authorised by the E.A. to use on organic approved farms, without causing the loss of their organic status. Due to the labour intensiveness of stem injecting it is really on used on smaller sites or sites that carry environmental constraints such as water courses and or tree preservation orders.

Knapsack Spraying

This is perfect for large infested sites that have no environmental constraints. The herbicide is applied directly to the plant and absorbed through the leaf and into the rhizome.

Knapsack applications are dependent on weather conditions. All herbicide applications are carried out ‘in-house’ by our NTPC PA1 & PA6 qualified staff.

Wide Area of Coverage

Our highly effective Japanese Knotwood control service, along with our full range of pest and bird control solutions are available throughout Kent and the South East of England.

Contact Us

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with our clients in further detail, so if you wish to speak to someone directly regarding the control of Japanese Knotweed in Kent, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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