The video below explores the life of the wasps that so many UK households are familiar with. However, a recent story has identified a new species which may have come straight from the pages of a Harry Potter Novel

Fact or Fiction

Known for their ominous appearance and their ability to suck the life out of people, they would strike fear in any muggle or mud-blood that they came across.

However, if the latest edition of peer reviewed publication PLoS ONE is to go by, the animal kingdom may have already had a very similar kind of character in existence well before the books were released.

Recently Released Paper

In a paper just released by Michael Ohl and those at Berlin’s Natural History Museum, a previously unnamed wasp native to Thailand, has finally been given a name and it just so happens to be that of JK Rowling’s evil creation.

The Ampulex Dementor, which is known for its ability to turn cockroaches into zombies with one sting, was given its name after visitors to Berlin’s Natural History Museum were asked to vote on what they felt the newly found species’ name should be.

They decided that Ampulex Dementor was an apt title, and for good reason too.

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