How Do I Get Rid of a Wasps Nest?

//How Do I Get Rid of a Wasps Nest?

How Do I Get Rid of a Wasps Nest?

At IPM Pest Control, we specialise in the removal of wasp nests throughout the London area and many areas of the South East.

Wasp Behaviour

At the start of each Spring, Queen wasps will begin to emerge from hibernation to establish nests within lofts, wall cavities, garages, sheds and even in external areas such as trees and bushes.

Throughout the middle of the year, through May, June, July & August, there will be a steady growth (accelerated by weather and feeding conditions) leading to nests that can hold up to 20,000 wasps. Around August/September, an increase in the feeding levels will see Wasps become more agitated and aggressive – this is when swarms and stings are reported.

Wasp nests can be constructed just about anywhere and are made from a combination of chewed wood, plant debris and saliva which is the moulded into ‘wasp paper’. First a canopy is fixed to the nest location and then a central pedical from which the nest is suspended.

The queen then builds a layer of hexagonal downward facing cell radially from the central pedical. Layers of ‘wasp paper’ then covers the nest providing protection from the elements and conserving heat. Wasps will never re-use a nest thus,a new nest will be constructed each year.

Safe Removal of Wasp Nests

The effective control of wasps is a very specialised treatment and will require the use of chemicals and protective clothing. For this reason it should only ever be left to the professionals and we cannot state in strong enough terms that nobody should tackle a wasp nest yourself – in very extreme cases, disturbing a wasps nest can cause fatal injuries.

The safe removal of wasp nests will be conducted by our highly skilled team of pest control technicians who will swiftly and effectively remove the offending nest from the affected area.

There are a number of successful methods available to effectively control wasps but all involve the use of taking precautions such as high quality equipment and safety measures. The sooner this can be put into effect the better because in large number, wasps can be very dangerous.

Worst Case Scenario!

It’s always a good idea to call in the experts at the earliest possible opportunity. If not, you could end up with a horror story like this!!

“A GIANT wasp nest the size of a LORRY has been found in an abandoned house in the Canary Islands.

Authorities broke into the property on the island of La Gomera after neighbours complained it had been deserted for several months.

They were stunned to discover the ground floor was almost entirely filled by a giant nest measuring 22ft long – and teeming with millions of insects.

Experts were called in to examine the wasps and they concluded the creatures had migrated from nearby Africa.”

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Further Information

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