Is the common urban pigeon to be loved or loathed? Are they our feathered friends or vile disease spreading vermin? There is little doubt that pigeons and pest birds in general have the ability to divide opinion. 

Regardless of the species of pest bird which is causing you trouble, the implementation of bird proofing measures will help to eliminate many of the risks associated with this unwanted presence.

Bird Control and Prevention

Integrated Pest Management Ltd offer a full and comprehensive service dealing with all aspects of bird prevention and control. In addition to having How Bird Proofing Can Help Youfully qualified and experienced installation personnel, our company is in the unique position of having an in-house bird control team and does not use expensive sub-contractors like many of our leading competitors.

Free Survey & Consultation

Our bird control service begins with a free site survey and initial consultation. This survey will allow our fully qualified specialist surveyor to understand and identify your individual requirements. On completion of the survey we forward a typed report detailing our findings and any recommended systems.

  • Netting Systems – Especially effective in denying birds access to areas such as light-wells, underside of canopies, roof-top plant enclosures and building facades. This system is also effective for protecting ornate features such as column capitals, embellished tympana and porticos without detracting from the aesthetics of the building. The net is UV resistant polyethylene and attached by means of BS316 grade stainless steel fixings and is fixed taut using tensioned perimeter wires. The result is a high quality tensioned Birdnet sealing the perimeter and denying birds access. Correctly installed nets are virtually undetectable from the ground.
  • Avishock – The new Avishock bird proofing system provides minimum visibility protection and is effective against all bird species in almost any location, making it ideal for proofing listed buildings and sensitive areas. Avi shock is a flexible system which utilises a system of track connectors and wires that follows the profile of most surfaces. It even comes in a range of colours to even further camouflage itself. Architects love this product!!
  • Spike Deterrent Systems – Bird spike is designed to prevent the birds from landing and is one of the most effective and robust point systems available. Its specifically designed for areas of heavy infestation and features stainless steel wires mounted on a UV stabilised acrylonitrile polycarbonate base. The dense pattern of protruding pins make it impossible for pigeons to land and moves them elsewhere without harming them.
  • Spring Wire Systems – Suitable for ledges, sills cornices and other level roosting points. This system consists of stainless steel posts drilled and fixed to the masonry at specific intervals in one or more rows, spring tensioned plastic coated wire is attached to the posts and acts as an obstacle when birds attempt to land. Alternative specialist systems are available to prevent damage to lead or waterproof membranes and to enable the system to be installed onto guttering or steelwork.

The benefits of this system are its flexibility and economy, as it can be adapted for use in virtually any situation and it offers ledge protection at a cost lower than most other systems.

All IPM systems conform to statutory legislation and are designed to be humane, environmentally friendly and sympathetic to both the building fabric and architecture.

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