Whilst the threat posed by wasps is very unlikely to occupy thoughts during the winter, it could be the perfect time to explore your lofts and attics to ensure that you did not have any unwanted guest making themselves at home during the past summer months.

A story in the press some time ago highlighted just how big wasp’s nests can become if they remain unnoticed for a significant period of time.

6ft High Wasp Nest Discovered

“A 6ft-high wasp nest has been discovered in the attic of a Southampton pub. Oxford University experts have verified the nest is Britain’s biggest ever. They said they How Big Was This Wasp Nest???thought it was also the largest found across the world in the past 50 years.”

“The nest is 15 times bigger than the UK average and nearly as big as a Smart car, which is slightly longer at 8ft 10in by 5ft 1in (2.69m by 1.54m).”

For more on this story, please click on the following link – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-10871240

Where Might I Find a Wasps Nest?

Wasp nests can be constructed just about anywhere and are made from a combination of chewed wood, plant debris and saliva which is the moulded into ‘wasp paper’. First a canopy is fixed to the nest location and then a central pedical from which the nest is suspended.

The presence of the odd wasp is nothing to be concerned about but if you notice an unusually large numbers of wasps around your home, this can be an accurate indicator of a wasp nest in close vicinity. You might also notice a nest that has been constructed.

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This is a very specialised treatment, which requires chemicals and protective clothing. DO NOT tackle a wasp nest yourself – in very extreme cases, disturbing a wasp’s nest can cause fatal injuries.

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