Are you concerned that you may be sharing your property with a number of unwanted house guests? Would you know what to do about it if you are? If you ever suspect that mice may have invaded your home, it’s essential to make sure you get them removed as soon as possible. Mice can wreak havoc on a home and cause disease among other problems. If you think you might have a mouse in your house, here are five signs to look out for.

  1. Urine and faeces: The most obvious sign you might have mice is if you start to notice small droppings in your home. Although tiny, mice droppings are very easy to distinguish. They are Have You Got a Mouse in Your House? How Can You Tell?very small, black in color, and often there are several of them in one place. A common area is inside cabinets, behind appliances, or even in drawers. You may also notice an unusual urine smell. This probably means there a mice somewhere nearby.
  1. Chewed wires: Mice love to chew, and you may see wires, power cords, or other items with small chew marks. Mice can completely chew through wire, so it’s important to get rid of them immediately if you notice any of these signs. They also like to chew clothing and pillows, so be on the lookout.
  1. Sounds: Although small, mice can actually be quite loud. Listen for sounds of squeaking or scratching in your ceilings and walls. If they have gotten in the walls or between floors, you will probably also hear them moving around, chewing, or most likely building a nest. Try to isolate the sound so you can show the exterminator where you think they are living in your home.
  1. Footprints: A good way to determine if you have mice is to set it up so you can see their footprints. Place a small amount of flour on a solid floor where you think the mice are travelling. The next day, you will most likely see tiny little paw prints where the mice have been scurrying. They may also track in mud or dirt, leaving those tiny prints behind.
  1. Nests: Mice usually choose a warm home to build their nest in the colder months. Look in the attic, behind walls if possible, and in dark hidden places. They also like to steal materials like cloth and paper, and you will definitely see these shredded items in a pile if the mice have been using them to build their nest. Don’t forget to check closets and under cabinets and counters where it is dark and you don’t normally look.

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