Birds in general & pigeons in particular can leave a significant amount of waste (also known as guano) which is dangerous, unsightly and has major implications in regards to health and safety.

Due to these significant dangers, swift and effective guano removal is necessary to ensure that you and your company remain unaffected.

Removal of Guano

Guano is known to carry bacteria and diseases and because of this, guano removal is a specialist job to remove this. Guano is acidic and requires special chemicals and equipment to effectively remove the mess that it creates. At IPM we will also remove any nesting materials from the effected site.

Once effective guano removal has taken place, we also ensure that it is transferred to a registered waste disposal site to guarantee compliance with legislation.

After the area has been suitably cleaned, we will dry clean or jet wash the area using a powerful biocide disinfectant, to ensure that the risk of disease is minimized.

Our bird control experts will also recommend any further treatments which may be required.

Negative Environmental Issues

There a number of negative environmental issues associated with the presence of guano, including:

  • Causing a slip hazard to people passing through, working in or visiting a contaminated area.
  • The transmission of both harmful bacteria & viral infections through pigeon faeces to humans.
  • The risk of secondary insect infestations in feathers, faeces and nesting material.
  • Particularly unpleasant odours, which can become significantly worse during warm weather.
  • Damage to brickwork & pipework
  • Blocked water pipes due to feathers, droppings and nesting material.

Specialist Cleaning Methods

Due to these serious and hazardous potential risks, our guano removal services ensure that we provide a thorough disinfection of the contaminated area.

At IPM Pest Control we specialise in providing exceptional quality pigeon cleaning services which have been designed to provide effective and long lasting results against the danger posed by the mess left behind by these pest birds.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the guano removal techniques available from IPM Pest Control, please give us a call on Tel. No. 01992 763776 and our technicians will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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