We’re guessing that if you have feelings about fruit flies, they are not feelings of the warm and fuzzy variety!!

One of the most common annoyances amongst all pests, having a fruit fly buzzing around your food can be a real pain and something that we like to avoid if at all possible.

Whilst our feelings are typically of disgust, did you know that fruit flies actually have feelings too?

A recent article in the Daily Mail, highlighted the following:

Seeing Insects in a New Light

Most of us swat flies and bugs away, thinking they are nothing more than a nuisance. Do Flies Have Feelings Too?

But to Daniel Kariko (a North Carolina-based photographer), these creatures are works of art – and by capturing them under the microscope he is hoping make people see them in a new light.

From a tree cricket to a boll weevil, the North Carolina photographer’s latest portraits bring you face to face with these ‘alien’ creatures.

For more on this story and to view the pictures please check out the following link –

If this story has done nothing to help change your feelings about the fruit fly, what else do you need to know in order to rid your home of property of the pesky pest?

Getting Rid of Flies

Did you know that during the average lifetime of a fly (approximately 30 days), a female can lay somewhere between 400 & 600 eggs.

Based on these numbers it is all too easy to see how a small fly problem can become a major issue in a fairly short period of time.

Once a problem has been identified, there are however a variety of simple methods which can be implemented in order to reduce their numbers.


  • Control moisture– Because flies need moisture to procreate, ensuring that any leading taps or blocked drains are fixed will help to reduce the number of places where water can gather.
  • Cover all food– Any type of food has the ability to attract flies whilst encouraging them to lay eggs nearby. To help reduce this risk, all leftovers should be carefully covered up.
  • Keep hygiene levels high– Keep all areas of your property clean.
  • Cover entry points– Fly screens, fly killer units and closed windows and doors in the evening are all effective ways to stop flies from entering your property.

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