Fire Gel

Fire Gel

The application of Fire Gel offers an innovative, humane & extremely effective bird control solution.

After exhaustive & effective testing, Fire Gel has now been approved by both the RSPB and the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and is offering an excellent alternative method of bird control in situations where it is not possible to use more traditional bird control methods such as bird spikes and bird netting.

How Does Fire Gel Work?

Due to the properties contained within fire gel, birds actually view fire gel as an ultra violet colour which makes it appears as on fire to birds. It also contains a number of natural oils which produce an odour which repels birds

Fire gel is not affected by the weather & is therefore absolutely ideal for use outside but used either indoors or outdoors, this gel will provide highly effective solutions to pest bird control issues.

How is Fire Gel Installed?

Fire gel could not be much easier to install. Available as a coloured gel (orange), it is simply placed into a dish which is then attached the appropriate surface via silicone. The dishes are placed at regular intervals along the area to be protected.

Benefits & Properties of Fire Gel

  • Assuming that Fire Gel is professionally applied, it provides a hugely cost-effective bird control solutions. Our clients can reasonably expect to receive effective results for upwards of 2 years.
  • Fire Gel is extremely robust and its effectiveness will not be compromised in any way by inclement weather. Heat also causes no problems as Fire Gel does not evaporate.
  • Although appearing orange in colour to humans, pest birds see ultra-violet light and will stay away from areas in which Fire Gel has been applied due to flame like appearance.
  • Due to the use of natural oils to produce Fire Gel it is safe to use around food manufacturing plants or anywhere biocides might cause problems.

Humane Bird Control Solutions

As well as offering our highly effective fire gel to clients, we also offer a number of other effective and humane bird control methods.

Products & methods such as bird netting and bird spikes are sold and installed by our own fully trained and experienced staff or we can supply the net and fixings for self installation.

The installation of pigeon netting & pigeon spikes are two of the most popular, effective and most humane methods of controlling pigeon activity by ensuring they are unable to land or roost on your property. When installed correctly, pigeon netting and pigeon spikes can provide subtle and excellent protection against damage caused by birds and can appear to be almost invisible from ground level.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the fire gel available from IPM Pest Control or any of the other bird control solutions available, please contact us & we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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