Welcome to IPM Pest Control. We are an independent pest management company based in London with a reputation for being one of London’s most trusted and reliable solutions to the areas pest issues.

With an expert team of highly trained and experienced technicians at our disposal, we can ensure that we are never too far from you and endeavour to offer emergency response times to any problems which require immediate attention.

Pests We Control

We can control all forms of pest and the list is very extensive:

ants, bed bugs, bees, birds, black flies, carpet beetles, carrot flies, clothes moths, cluster flies, cluster flies, cockroaches, fleas, flies, fruit flies, gulls, house flies, Effective Pest Controlmice, pharaoh ants, pigeons, rats, rodents, starlings, vermin, wasps plus many more…

Fully Accredited & Insured

We offer our clients the peace of mind which can only be obtained by dealing with a company which is fully accredited and insured. Our pest control services are tailored to provide effective relief from all manner of domestic pest problems from ants to wasps. Rats and mice to rabbits, moles and squirrels. Inside the home cockroaches fleas and flies are also pest which we are frequently called upon to tackled.

IPM Pest Control provides services including:

  • Commercial Pest Control on-going pest prevention services
  • Domestic & Commercial reactive pest elimination
  • Bird proofing and related cleaning
  • Specialist services – contact for details

Environmentally Aware

IPM Pest Control is committed to sustaining and protecting the environment that we all live and work in and as such our pest control services are known as Integrated Pest Management.

This means that we invest time, effort and money into minimising any impact our day to day operations have on the environment around us, enabling us to combine our knowledge of how pests live with a variety of deterrents and control techniques to solve pest problems quickly, efficiently and with a minimum impact on the surrounding environment.

Prevent Rather Than Cure

Typically commercial and residential customers do not realise the risks posed by pests until they have already become a nuisance. After completing our pest control London once IPM Pest Control have treated and dealt with the immediate problem our policy is to recommend a course of pest prevention to reduce the risk of a re-occurrence. All our solutions and pest exclusion fixtures and fittings will be tailored to your individual circumstances.

Businesses in Safe Hands

We recognise that the primary importance of the work we undertake is focused on the health, safety and wellbeing of you, your family, colleagues and the general public. Health and safety of the consumer and staff in any business is absolutely paramount to all concerned and as such compliance with pest control legislation is a legal obligation for businesses.

Many commercial environments are realising the potential benefit of pest control management. We offer an invaluable service to all manner of industries ranging from food outlets, hospitals, hotels, offices along with a complete range of businesses.

Further Information

If you wish to speak to someone directly regarding how to help your company avoid pest control problems and comply with pest control legislation, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you in further detail to outline how we can benefit you or your business by either calling 01992 763776, or by e-mailing us at – office@ipmpestcontrol.co.uk.