If you have taken the time to type the phrase ‘how effective are birds spikes’ into Google, the chances are that you are suffering from pest bird problems. The good news is that bird spikes are one of the most common and humane bird control solutions currently available, however we need to know a little more about your individual problem before we can tell you how effective they will be for you.

Why Are The Birds Landing?

The first thing that we need to establish is exactly why the birds are landing on or around your property? Are they coming to feed or build a nest? Have you been How Effective Are Bird Spikesoffering food to wild birds only to have pest birds such as feral pigeons or starlings, are swooping in to take the lion’s share?

Birds are well known to keep returning to places where food is regular and easily accessible. If you want to attract the smaller birds into your garden, whilst taking steps to ensure that pigeons and starlings to not turn your home into their home, a good step will be to make sure that you place food in feeding containers that make it virtually impossible for the larger birds to feed from. Pest birds will not keep returning to a location if food is not readily available.

The next thing that will need to establish is the size of the birds that are causing the problem. If the pest birds causing you problems are of the smaller variety, anti bird spikes may not be so effective. Although this sound a little strange, when you take a moment to think about it, small birds have feet which are specifically designed to allow them extra purchase when grabbing hold of small branches and twigs – ensuring that spikes can give them this ideal landing perch!

However, if your pest birds are larger birds, their feet are not adapted for landing on fine spiky branches and twigs. This ensures that bird spikes can offer a highly effective deterrent.

The IPM Conclusion

Anti-bird spikes will offer a humane way to reduce pest bird issues if you are looking to remove the ability for birds to land or nest on your property. However, it is absolutely essential that the size of the pest birds in question are factored into the decision making process due to the fact that smaller birds will require a multi-faceted approach to rid unwanted birds from make your property their home or landing site.

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