Eco Friendly Bird Control Solutions

//Eco Friendly Bird Control Solutions

Eco Friendly Bird Control Solutions

We understand that as well as providing effective relief from pest problems, we also have a duty to ensure that we do this in an eco-friendly and humane manner.

We provide a range of skilled solutions which create cost-effective bird deterrents offering lasting protection to any public or private building without harming the pest birds causing the problems.

With the variety of eco bird control systems available to us, we are ideally positioned to provide informed advice regarding bird control techniques which offer effective solutions without causing damage to the surrounding environment or to the pests it is designed to control.

Lasting Results

To ensure that we are able to obtain the best possible results for our clients, we approach each project with an open mind. The very nature of pest control ensures that each problem we encounter is slightly different from the last and we will individually tailor each service to ensure that we achieve the best and longest lasting results possible.

Our expert team of bird control technicians have provided quick and long lasting eco bird control solutions to a wide range of commercial and residential clients and once the survey of the area has been completed, you will receive a detailed breakdown of the root cause of the problem along with our recommendation of which of our bird control services will provide the highest quality results for your problem.

Eco Bird Control Methods

The eco bird control methods available to IPM, include the following:

  • Bird Netting – a highly effective and discreet bird deterrent
  • Bird Spikes – adaptive bird spikes provide effective results against all pest birds
  • Bird Wire – an almost invisible tensioned wire system
  • Bird Mesh Netting – galvanised and stainless steel bird mesh is more robust than traditional anti bird nets
  • Electric Bird Deterrents – AVISHOCK™ provides a new, harmless bird control solution, which modifies the behaviour of urban birds by touch

Related Services Available

IPM Ltd also offers a wide and comprehensive and high quality services also including:

  • Pest prevention control
  • Bird control systems
  • Remedial pest proofing
  • Electronic fly killing machines
  • Fly screen windows & doors
  • Plastic strip curtains
  • Abseil / Rope access techniques
  • Confined spaces working

Further Information

If you would like to receive any more information from IPM Pest Control about our eco bird control methods, please give us a call and our team and our friendly and helpful team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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