Dear valued customers,

Following the announcement of the government enhancements surrounding COVID-19 on 23rd March 2020, Integrated Pest Management Ltd want to reassure you all that our service and operations will continue as normal.

In line with the announced enhancements, we have taken necessary steps to protect our employees and our customers, whilst maintaining our high level of service and support for essential businesses and keyworkers, as well as offering emergency support for all our clients.

You can continue to contact us by the usual channels below:

Service 01992 763 776
Sales 01992 763 776
Finance 01992 763 776

Our field based staff will continue to service our client base, as this task “absolutely cannot be done from home”. Each of our operatives has received all necessary RPE & PPE to ensure that any visit is completed as safely as is practically possible. We would ask that all customers to please respect a minimum of a 2m social distancing rule during any attendance.

To ensure your and our operatives safety, our operatives may also ask you additional questions in relation to Covid-19 at point of arrival.

The pest management industry have now been officially recognised by the UK Government as ‘Key Workers’. Pests can spread many diseases and the importance of the pest control industry cannot be understated. As a nation, we absolutely cannot afford to have our medical facilities, schools, supermarkets, commercial buildings or homes uninhabitable by pests.

Our number one priority is the protection of our employees and our customers. We have made many changes throughout the business to comply to the regular government updates and will continue to do so for all future enhancements.

All of our staff and account managers are working to support their specific accounts throughout the crisis. Please contact them via your normal channels and they will be able to advise and assist on any specific requirements.

We wish you and your family’s all the very best and can assure you that we will help you wherever we can. We all have to work together as this virus is deadly and doing the right thing is the only way to defeat it.

Please continue to follow the government guidelines to remain safe and healthy.

We thank all of you for your understanding during this extraordinary time.


Gareth Turner
Managing Director
Integrated Pest Management Ltd