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//Contract Pest Control Middlesex

Contract Pest Control Middlesex

If you are looking for the premier standard of contract pest control Middlesex has to offer, look no further than IPM Ltd.

IPM offer the premier levels of contract pest control to effectively protect your business and premises from these many serious threats.

Effectively Combat Threats Posed to Businesses

Pests pose a wide range of threats to your business which includes amongst many others, the potential spread of disease and structural problems including blocked gutters and slip hazards.

The mess created by an uncontrolled pest infestation can create a hugely negative impression for your business and is something that therefore needs to be nipped in the bud at the earliest possible stage.

Thorough Survey

To ensure that we are ideally positioned to take care of your long term pest requirements (in both a preventative and removal capacity), our skilled team of highly accredited pest control technicians will conduct a thorough survey of your premises to determine which steps will need to be taken to provide the most reliable and lasting results. Once this process has been completed they will then be in a position to make a recommendation which will be based on these findings.

We will swiftly, safely and wherever possible humanely control and deter pests from entering your premises. We have vast experience in the implementation of long-term past control strategies which are designed with the sole purpose of allowing your business to continue to run smoothly.

We also understand the need for discretion in our line of work as the negative publicity which can be attracted by a pest infestation can be very serious for any business.

Legislative Pest Control Requirements

If you own or run a business, there are many reasons to implement effective pest control strategies and one that should never be underestimated is – government imposed legislation which ensures that it is a legislative responsibility for business managers to implement effective pest control measures regarding their business and their premises.

We will ensure that this responsibility is placed in the hands our a company with a proven track record for delivering effective and long lasting results.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the premier standard of contract pest control Middlesex has to offer, or would like to an on-site consultation please give us a call on 0800 970 7746 or click the ‘Live Help’ button at the top of our website.

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