When the phrase ‘commercial pest control’ comes into conversation, the thought inevitably turns to food safety. Quite rightly, people deserve to be confident that the food that they are putting in their mouth will not make them ill & this is where effective commercial pest control methods come into their own.

A wide variety of food-started illnesses can be traced back to pathogens which have been carried by insects or rodents to contaminate food. IPM Pest control has been a leader in developing and implementing innovative commercial pest control solutions for businesses throughout the South East of England for more than 25 years.

Integrated Pest Management

Whilst the homes that we live in can be effectively served by the implementation of residential pest control methods, businesses need to take things a Commercial Pest Control and How It Relates to Youstep further to ensure that they comply with effective pest control legislation. Our integrated pest management (IPM) approach to solving pest problems places a firm focus on prevention.

Starting with inspection and identification, we will be able to quickly address how and where pest can enter the premises, identify what is making them stay and then implement effective methods to rectify the problem whilst ensuring the do not return.

Planned prevention, fixed costs and your own account manager all come together to offer a comprehensive service which guarantees that you remain fully in control of your pest control budget.

Swift Acting, Professional Results

From the initial contact with us you are certain to only deal with experienced professionals who are at the top of their trade. Our services are swift acting, friendly and professional at all times. The pro-active approach used by our team of pest control technicians ensures we can often nip problems in the bud before they occur by implementing preventative measures before your pest issue can take hold and potentially wreak havoc.

Unrivalled Levels of Professionalism

The reputation we have attained for delivering quality results at cost-effective prices is backed up by the fact that our team of pest control experts are BPCA ‘British Pest Control Association’ qualified which gives a guarantee in regards to the level of service that you will receive.

The fact that IPM Pest Control is a BPCA certified company also ensures that any company using our services receives a guarantee of not only receiving high quality work but also of guarantee regarding the general stability and reliability of our company.