Here Come The Ants!

//Here Come The Ants!

Here Come The Ants!

Many of us have faced this problem in the summer before. As the weather begins to improve, ants begin to make their presence felt. 

Their is little doubt that a colony of black ants around the house, their infestation can cause problems. Home-owners should make sure that any work surfaces that may have crumbs, sugar or anything sweet should be clear and clean therefore eliminating the likelihood that they appear.

How to Control Ants

Black ants can be a problem mainly during spring and summer when the nests that they live in are created around buildings and gardens. They normally feed on range of Black Antsfoods, but are normally attracted to items such as honey and sugar and they can enter homes to try and find these items.

Ants are not considered to particularly dirty insects, they may on occasions go through unclean surfaces with looking for food. When an ant locates a food source it can communicate this with other ants which can lead to a large number of ants invading and contaminating foods, so it is a good idea to make sure that all work surfaces are clean after use.

Prevention Rather than Cure

To prevent an invasion of ants, good hygiene is of huge importance. Make sure: –

  • That all food waste and any spillages are cleaned up straight away and that all foods are kept in sealed containers, especially items like sugar.
  • All rubbish bins are emptied regularly.

If you do happen to get an invasion of ants you need to: –

  • That any cracks or other faults within the building are sealed up thoroughly
  • The proofing measures need to be supports by a use of residual insecticide.

Where to use insecticide

  • Use the insecticide around all points that ants may enter, particularly around doors and windows. Any that is put down outside will need to be reapplied after it rains.
  • Give a lot of attention to small cracks, as this may be a major point where ants may enter.

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